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About us


Based in Royal Deeside, Aberdeenshire this local family business is run by Sarah Leahy with occasional help from her 4 sons. Sarah is a mentor with Tarland Bee Group and a Trustee of the Scottish Native Honey Bee Society. 


Sarah began beekeeping to get her outside and  into the spectacular environment around where her family lives. A few hives kept at home in rural Aberdeenshire have grown to around 80 colonies kept in apiaries across the beautiful countryside of Royal Deeside.


Sarah’s sons have been active in learning about and practising beekeeping with her. her youngest son, Martin, won the title of International Young Beekeeper of the world in 2019.

Our philosophy

Royal Deeside Honey and Bees aim to:

  1.  produce quality local honey from apiaries across Royal Deeside. The only honey sold comes from our own bees kept at carefully selected apiaries from GLEN DYE To Birkhall. Food traceability and authenticity are key.

  2.  stock our colonies with native Scottish AMM or locally adapted and bred bees. To manage this, we have our own queen rearing programme and are members of the Scottish Native Honey Bee Society. We will purchase queens from native AMM stocks to improve our genetic mix, but we will never purchase bees from abroad.

  3. to prioritise the health and welfare of our bees by staying informed about bee health issues and conducting regular disease checks.

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