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About us

Based in Royal Deeside, Aberdeenshire this local family business is run by Sarah Leahy with occasional help from her 4 sons. Sarah is a mentor with Tarland Bee Group and a Trustee of the Scottish Native Honey Bee Society 

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Our Honey


Bees work tremendously hard to produce honey and we love letting our customers try the amazing array of honeys from our bees, some monofloral and others multifloral.

We aim to have a selection of honeys available from a mild oil seed rape to the strong traditional ling heather honey. Each season is different and we are completely at the mercy of the weather to provide conditions suitable for the nectar to yield and the bees to be able to get out and forage.

Bell heather.jpg


The question we get asked most often is why does the taste and colour of our honey vary so much?

Honey comes from the nectar of flowers and it just depends which plants the bees have been collecting nectar from as to what the honey tastes like. Sometimes the honey is essentially from one nectar source – like oil seed rape or heather and sometimes it is a general mix from spring or summer flowers and trees – that mix is never the same twice and so our blossom honeys differ each season and year. Isn’t nature wonderful!

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